Vision & Mission

The Founder Chairman, late Mr P.A. Jacob, articulated the vision for PoabsEstates, with a clear focus on responsible business and sustainability.

The mission for Poabs Organic Estates is to adopt organic agriculture with the aim of producing good quality, hygienic and safe food products.

The Poabs Estates promotes eco-friendly and high quality agricultural produce, biodiversity conservation with commitment to the society for the social upliftment. With this intention we have adopted the slogan:


Our operations are guided by recognising the well-being of society and that ecosystems are interdependent on development that is environmentally sound, socially equitable and economically viable.

vm1The PoabsEstates aspires to add value to business by bringing in capital and expertise to enhance the productivity of the land and improve the lives of the workers. Poabs has an integrated approach to economic, social and environment aspects of value creation.

At the time of taking over the estates in the Nelliyampathy and Travancore regions, the plantations were in a derelict condition, ravaged by neglect. In both cases, the estates had heritage value, vm2being good properties initially planted with high degree of competence. Having assessed the potential, Poabs Estates focussed on rejuvenation with an optimistic approach to market opportunities. It has been a turnaround story in both cases, brought about with the determination of the management as well as the cooperation of the employees who see a better future and improved livelihoods.

As entrepreneurs native to the state of Kerala, Poabs has aggressively pursued opportunities to contribute to the local economy and the social amelioration of the local communities.


Poabs Estates aims to produce world class quality products, to improve productivity, economy and safe environment to all in and around the plantations, by adopting the sustainable agricultural vm7practices and maximum utilization of available resources without disturbing the ecological equilibrium, which in turn can improve the totality of the final product and the sustainability and continuous improvement of the organization.

Ecosystem Conservation

The management aims to conserve and improve existing ecosystems within its operational area. To materialize the object by initiating vm3eco-friendly steps that support the protection of streams, swamps and ravines from contamination, prohibit deforestation, maintain vegetation barriers and prevent negative impacts on natural areas outside the plantation.

Wildlife Protection

vm6Poabs is committed to protect all wildlife present and visiting wildlife on our premises. Poabs provides training to employees and people living in and around the plantations about wildlife protection and conservation of forests.

Soil & Water Conservation

vm4Poabs is committed to taking the necessary steps to conserve water source and wet lands by providing sufficient training to the local inhabitants about the importance of maintaining available water levels in an unpolluted manner and economising consumption of water.