Estates, Crops & Factories

Poabs Organic Estates/Seethargundu  is a 350-hectare / 846 acre estate is at an average elevation of 3,500 feet, and is considered the largest, perennial multi-crop organic plantation in India growing tea and coffee, both arabica and robusta, with inter-crops of pepper, orange, vanilla and cardamom.


The climatic conditions on Poabs Organic Estates are ideal and highly suitable for growing coffee of both Coffea Arabica (Arabica) and Coffea Canephora (Robusta), with plenty of water sources available on the estate for irrigation. Biodynamically-grown coffee, as distinct from general organic coffee, is particularly rare, and can even be termed “exotic”. Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy is one of two Demeter-certified biodynamic estates in the entire world.

The following Coffee Varietals are planted on the Estate:


Selection 9


Selection CxR; Selection 274

Coffees grown on Poabs Organic Estate are processed on site – the facilities at the estate are comprehensive and well-maintained. Processed green coffee is available in both cherry and parchment (washed) and semi-washed form.

We approach processing selectively, depending on the particular lot of hand-picked coffee. We have the capacity to create speciality coffees, based on varietal, to bring out the best flavours in the cup.


Poabs Tea is of “Single Strain Purity” as the Tea made at the factory is from a single Strain of tea plants from a single Estate as in the “Single Malt Whisky”. All these plants are young and were planted only and after the year 1993. Teas are processed at the on-site facility of Poabs Organic Products Pvt. Ltd.

Poabs Tea has a pleasing brightness and briskness to it with a honewort-like aroma. Careful understanding of leaf physiology, character and harvesting techniques has contributed to the green leaf quality, mainly due to selected strain, favourable growing conditions, ideal pruning cycle and improved plucking standard.

The new, most-modern tea factory at Seethargundu Estate is fully equipped with advanced tea processing machines as per international standards. Both Orthodox and CTC machines are installed.

Poabs has the facility to produce Black teas (orthodox and CTC) and Green teas as per customer requirements.

The tea factory is certified under ISO: 9001:2000 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).


Poabs Organic Estates grows pepper, cardamom and banana as inter-crops/mixed crops.

The entire Organic Estate is inter-planted with various types of pepper plants.

It has been noticed that during the pepper harvest season (January- March) a lot of the native birds, after eating the ripe pepper fruits, defecate which in turn germinate randomly in the field facilitating the cycle of natural propagation. This unique phenomenon favours the sustenance and genome preservation of pepper creating a natural gene bank.

The product range offered includes ‘Black’, ‘Freeze dried’, ‘White’, ‘Red’ and ‘Green’. A pepper milling facility is also installed.