Spices are grown on Poabs Estates at Central Travancore and at Poabs Organic Estates at Nelliyampathy


Poabs Organic Estates grows pepper, cardamom and banana as inter-crops/mixed crops.

It has been noticed that during the pepper harvest season (January- March) a lot of the native birds, after eating the ripe pepper fruits, defecate which in turn germinate randomly in the field facilitating the cycle of natural propagation. This unique phenomenon favours the sustenance and genome preservation of pepper creating a natural gene bank.


The product range in pepper offered includes ‘Black’, ‘Freeze-dried’, ‘White’, ‘Red’ and ‘Green’. A pepper milling facility is also installed at the estate.

Organic Labelling: All spices produced at Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy is certified ‘Organic’.

Ethical sourcing: All spices produced at Poabs Estates complies with Indian Government regulations and international norms to be eligible for ethically-sourced produce.