Social Welfare

Poabs Estates strictly adheres to statutory Government of India regulations under the Plantations Labour Act of 1951, which legislates the terms of employment for plantation workers. This Act is considered exemplary, even today, providing for health, welfare, including recreation, education and housing, the hours and limitation of employment, and leave with wages.The workforce on the Poabs estates in Central Travancore are paid as per the provisions of the Kerala State Plantation laws.

It is well known that Kerala state ranks the highest in India in terms of literacy and health, and we are proud to be a part of a society that has set standards for human development in the country.

Poabs has comprehensively addressed the needs of the workers of the Travancore estates since taking over in June 2008. Improvements have been made to living quarters, which number around 2100 units across the seven estates. New construction of 700 toilets have benefitted the community. Drinking water supplies have been regularised and new wells have been constructed. Electrical connections have been organised. Anganwadis have been set up for nursery-level children. All school-going children are enrolled in the Kerala government schools in the nearby villages and towns.

Each estate has a Dispensary located at a site convenient for workers. Medical camps are organised on a regular basis for workers and the local community in adjoining villages.

In 1910, Travancore Tea Estates Company was one of two plantation companies which were the first members of the medical fund scheme, initiated in 1910 by the Central Travancore Planters’ Association (CTPA). In 1925, the CTPA launched a campaign to introduce increased nutrients in the average worker’s daily diet. As far back as 1929, the CTPA became the first employees’ organisation in India to recommend maternity benefits to women workers before it was made statutory by the Government. Awareness and education for workers’ rights, and freedom of association was supported and the first workers’ Union was recognised in 1931.

From records available of the early history of the Travancore Tea Estates, it is evident that social welfare was undertaken by the Company as a standard practice. Accordingly, the Poabs approach has been to restore and upgrade the facilities made available to the workers of the current generation. Awareness camps on labour laws and worker entitlements have been organised.