Poabs Group

The Poabs Group is today a diversified enterprise with interests in plantations, bio-technology, waste management, infrastructure and eco-tourism headquartered in Tiruvalla, Kerala state, India.

Established in 1962 as a civil engineering contracting firm known as POABSONS under the leadership of the late Mr P.A. Jacob, the enterprise later diversified into various businesses. The business group was later renamed as POABS for quick recall.

Late Mr P.A. Jacob (1942-2010) as Founder Chairman provided inspirational leadership right from the start. As a successful entrepreneur, business acumen, speedy decision-making, combined with a deep concern for the welfare of employees and workers contributed to the rapid growth of the Group since inception. With his passing on June 4, 2010 he is deeply missed by all in the Group, yet his vision and energetic leadership laid the foundation for a stable business entity and his guiding hand is seen in all activities. The Poabs Group has about 5000 direct and indirect employees includingprofessional executives and 20 business units in South India.

Business activities of the Poabs Group:

-          Poabs Ready-Mix &MSand: Manufacture of Ready-mix Concrete

-          Poabs Estates: Plantations, including bulk and branded tea, coffee and spices for domestic and export markets

-          Poabs Organic Products: Certified organic black and green tea, coffee, spices and honey

-          Poabs Biotech: Manufacture of Organic Bio-Manure and Bio-Fertilizer

-          PoabsEnvirotech: Municipal Waste Management, Engineering and Contracting

-          Wood-based Industry and Furniture production

-          Eco-Tourism

For more information, visit: www.poabs.in