Coffee is grown on Poabs Estates at Travancore and at Poabs Organic Estates at Nelliyampathy.


Coffees from the Poabs Organic Estates/Seethargundu are entirely organically cultivated using biodynamic agricultural practices.

The climatic conditions on Poabs Organic Estates are ideal and highly suitable for growing coffee of both Coffea Arabica (Arabica) and CoffeaCanephora (Robusta), with plenty of water sources available on the estate for irrigation. Biodynamically-grown coffee, as distinct from general organic coffee, is particularly rare, and can even be termed “exotic”. Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy is one of two Demeter-certified biodynamic estates growing coffee in the entire world.

The following Coffee Varietals are planted on the Estate:


Selection 9:Sln. 9 is a derivative of a cross between an Ethiopian Arabica collection, ‘Tafarikela’, and ‘Hybrido-de-Timor’. Sln.9 has inherited all the superior cup quality traits of Tafarikela. This successful hybrid incorporates an Ethiopian coffee variety in its heritage, which no doubt contributes to its exotic East Africa character. Poabs Organic Estates won the Award for Best Speciality Arabica at the ‘Flavour of India –The Fine Cup Cupping Competition 2013’ organised by Coffee Board of India.

Cupping note: Fruity notes, good for espresso


Selection CxR: produces bold, dense beans, which when washed, possess a grey hue with clean, soft “buttery” after notes in the cup.

Cupping note: This coffee would provide the froth and bubbles for espresso.

Selection 274: Is an offspring of the old Robusta/Peradeniya cultivar, which initially came into India from Sri Lanka. This variety has been well-received around the world.

Cupping note: Good for espresso, with a certain rustic sweetness discernable Works well in a blend, often complementing Arabica. Roasts evenly. There is a strong aftertaste, with a pungent finish like bittersweet chocolate.

Coffees grown on Poabs Organic Estate are processed on site – the facilities at the estate are comprehensive and well-maintained. Processed green coffee is available in both cherry and parchment (washed) and semi-washed form.

We approach processing selectively, depending on the particular lot of hand-picked coffee. We have the capacity to create speciality coffees, based on varietal, to bring out the best flavours in the cup.

“The coffee of Poabs Organic Estates is grown bio-dynamically, with care being paid to the environment, to the work culture and above all to the quality in the cup. The robustas from this estate, when washed, have a Strong body, are Neutral, Clean and possess a Fair Smoothness, with a tint of bitterness, enabling the beans to be even brewed as a ‘neat’ drink. The farm is a delight to the eye and the cup a stimulant to the palate!” says Ms Sunalini N. Menon, an internationally renowned coffee taster and CEO of Coffeelab Pvt. Ltd. based in Bangalore, India.

Organic Labelling: All coffee produced at Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy is certified ‘Organic’.

Ethical sourcing: All coffee produced at Poabs Estates complies with Indian Government regulations and international norms to be eligible for ethically-sourced produce.