Social Welfare

Poabs Organic Estates strictly adheres to statutory Government of India regulations under the Plantations Labour Act of 1951, which legislates the terms of employment for plantation workers. This Act is considered exemplary, even today, providing for health, welfare, including recreation, education and housing, the hours and limitation of employment, and leave with wages.

It is well known that Kerala state ranks the highest in India in terms of literacy and health, and we are proud to be a part of a society that has set standards for human development in the country.

The workforce numbers around 500, increasing to around 700 during the harvest season, and they are paid as per the provisions of the Kerala State Plantation laws.

Workers are provided with the basic amenities like housing, water and electricity supply and toilets.

Church at Seethargundu Estate

Separate worship places are available

There is a primary school within the estate; students are taken to the nearby Padagiri High School by the Estate’s School Bus for secondary education.

The Dispensary in the estate caters to the workers’ health; however, serious cases are referred to the Thrissur Medical College for better treatment, by the Estate management.

The Estate Management also provides loans for higher education to deserving students.

Provisions and vegetable items are provided to workers at a subsidised rate.

Recreation facilities like Television, Worker Clubs and Playground are available at the disposal of workers.

Proposed activities to support community development and income generation: Handicraft training for workers; Bee-hive project (Apiculture); Duck farming; Fish farming; Organic Vegetable gardening