Organic Arabica coffee from Poabs Estates in Nelliyampathy wins Flavour of India award


Organic Arabica coffee grown on the Seethargundu Estate at Nelliyampathy consistently wins in cupping competitions. It won the award for Best Speciality Arabica (plantation bulk) at the Flavour of India – The Fine Cup 2013

competition organised by the Coffee Board of India in the finals held alongside the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe SCAE 2013 conference at Nice, France.

What makes this coffee win consistently in cupping competitions? What makes it so special?

First, coffees from the Poabs Organic Estates/Seethargundu are entirely organically cultivated using biodynamic agricultural practices.

Biodynamically-grown coffee, as distinct from general organic coffee, is particularly rare, and can even be termed “exotic”. Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy is one of two Demeter-certified biodynamic estates growing coffee in the entire world.

Second, the plant varietal is known as Selection 9 (Sln 9). This varietal a derivative of a cross between an Ethiopian Arabica collection, ‘Tafarikela’, and ‘Hybrido-de-Timor’. Sln.9 has inherited all the superior cup quality traits of Tafarikela. This successful hybrid incorporates an Ethiopian coffee variety in its heritage, which no doubt contributes to its exotic East Africa character.

Cupping note: Fruity notes, good for espresso

Organic coffee from Poabs Estates qualifies as a unique speciality coffee, distinctive in its origin, cultivation, plant varietal and cup quality.