Poabs Estates has received several awards over the years:

2015 The Golden Leaf India Award - Southern Tea Competition
2015 The Golden Leaf India Award – Southern Tea Competition
2014: Best Green Tea (Fannings) from Poabs Organic Estates, Nelliyampathy
The Golden Leaf India Awards – Tea Board of India &United Planters’ Association of Southern India:
Flavour of India – The Fine Cup cupping competitions organised by the Coffee Board of India:
2013: Best Speciality Arabica – Organic Arabica from Seethargundu Estate Nelliyampathy, Sln 9 (plantation bulk) – finals held alongside SCAE 2013 conference at Nice, France
2007: Best Organic Robusta Coffee – finals held alongside SCAA convention at Long Beach, California, May 2007
Sustainability Award – 2007 from the Speciality Coffee Association of America (SCAA) at the 19th Annual Conference and Exhibition held at Long Beach California

Poabs is the first company from India to receive this prestigious Award, which is considered the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the world of coffee cultivation. The SCAA is the world’s largest coffee trade association with member companies from more than 40 countries. In 2007, a total of 22 projects from around the world made it to the final round.

“We are overwhelmed by the innovative sustainability programs taking place in the speciality coffee industry” said Phyllis Johnson, Chair of the SCAA Sustainability Committee. “However, this year’s 2007 Sustainability Award winner have undertaken outstanding measures to include social, economic and environmental development into their programs. They have also enhanced the long-term sustainability of the Coffee industry by improving conditions for the people depending on coffee for their livelihood. We encourage others in the coffee industry to follow their lead.”

The citation stated that Poabs Organic/Biodynamic Estates “is an exemplary global model for sustainability. It is an example of holistic, self-sustainable, bio-diverse eco-system. Workers and their families’ benefits from housing, education, dairy farms and medical care. Coffee is planted under a double canopy of shade with much of the original native trees intact.”

2006: Best Organic Robusta Coffee
2005: Best Organic Arabica Coffee-finals held alongside SCAA convention at Seattle, April 2005
2005: Best Organic Tea (CTC) from Poabs Organic Estates,Nelliyampathy
2004: Best Organic Robusta Coffee and the Best regional coffee from Nelliyampathy region finals held alongside World Barista Championship at Trieste, Italy, June 2004
2003: Best Organic Robusta Coffee – finals held alongside SCAA convention at Boston, April 2003.