Environmental Management


Coffee is planted under double canopy of shade. Much of the original native trees, are intact. Silver oak is used as standards for pepper vines. As a consequence of the tree cover, the bird-life on this estate is an ornithologist’s delight.

Water Management

There are 52 Check dams constructed in the estate, which help to conserve water during summer season for irrigation. Such water harvesting techniques have also helped to raise the water table in the farm. The water conservation efforts are considered as exemplary, with periodic de-silting of check dams to maintain the ecological balance.

Soil Conservation Works

Revetment walls have been constructed throughout the Estate to prevent soil erosion during monsoon season.

The rocky areas and wastelands on the estate have been covered with soil to prevent heat radiation. These are called “Shelter Belts” and these reclaimed lands are planted with grass and used for grazing of cattle.

Situated in a pristine, natural environment, the air and water at Poabs Organic Estates is completely unpolluted. The local geography ensures that there is no scope of pollution from external sources; organic processes ensure that farm outputs are non-polluting, thereby preserving the ecology of the region.