At Poabs, the motive is value creation: the improvement of farm property via sustainable and ethical choices. Poabs Estates has obtained all the relevant certifications, based on inspection and verification and adherence to the prescribed norms.

Organic Agriculture



Poabs Organic Estates is certified ‘biodynamic’ by Demeter-International of Germany. Demeter refers to Poabs Organic Estates as “an exemplary organic project in India. This is a showcase example with a comprehensive organic project, which meets all of the expectations of organic animal husbandry, plant production, landscaping, water supply and usage of the biodynamic preparations.”


NATURLAND: Poabs Organic Estates is farm certified by organic certifier Naturland of Germany


NOP:Poabs Organic Estates conforms to requirements under the National Organic Programme of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)


JAS: Poabs Organic Estates conforms to requirements under the Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS)


NPOP/Control Union: Poabs Organic Estates is certified “Organic” by Control Union Certifications, an authorised certification agency as per the guidelines of the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) initiated by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. Control Union has identified Poabs Organic Estates as the “largest perennial multi-crop organic farm in the world” and refers to it as such in all documentation.

Poabs Organic Estates is acknowledged, by many certifiers and in international organic farming circles, as a project that is a ‘Global Model’.

Total Quality Management


Bureau Veritas Quality International of UK has awarded Poabs an ISO 9001:2008 rating for quality management systems at the Seethargundu Estate
Poabs Biotech complex at Nelliyampathy conforms to quality standards under ISO 9001:2008

Food Safety


The tea factory at Seethargundu Estate, Nelliyampathy established in 2001, has implemented and certified food safety assurance systems under ‘Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point’ (HACCP)

Fair Trade:


FLO: The tea produced at Poabs Organic Estates is Fairtrade-certified by the Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO)



Bio-Equitable Fair Trade: Tea, coffee and spices produced at Poabs Organic Estates is endorsed by Bio – equitable Fair Trade


Environment & Ecology

Rainforest Alliance:

Poabs Estates was the first plantation company in Kerala to becertified by Rainforest Alliance, in January 2014.This certification applies to Poabs Estates in the Central Travancore region.

Social & Environment

Ethical Tea Partnership:

All Poabs Estates are producer members of the Ethical Tea Partnership